Care cosmetics are the evolution of appearance. It allows you to look the way you like, here and now. GC funds give confidence, joy, inspiration and freshness. They take care of your inner self, allowing you to feel better surrounded by cleanliness and aromas. GLOBAL CHEMICAL wants to touch the image of everyone who chooses our products and make it the way you would like. Breakthrough technologies, extreme motivation and a burning desire to be useful are mixed with active components from our high-tech laboratories and production facilities so that you enjoy the achieved effect.


High-quality cosmetics for gentle care and maintaining the freshness of the face and healthy hair.
A modern version of the synthesis of high technologies and traditional natural components, embodied in the line of care cosmetics.
Woman line
Cosmetics for women, combining aesthetics and gentle care. Reveals the concept of taking care of your skin to the fullest.
Professional means for delicate depilation. They smooth out the effect of the procedure and carefully take care of particularly sensitive skin.
An ultra-modern line of cosmetics that stands out from the general range not only with high quality, but also with original packaging with an exclusive dispenser. Sense is your image of tomorrow.
Premium cosmetics that combine the aesthetics of packaging and content, where one does not overlap, but only complements the second.
Modern care cosmetics based on organic ingredients. Shampoos and scrubs are made on high-tech lines according to a special recipe.
The line contains sulfate-free shampoos for delicate hair care, as well as keratolytics – professional pedicure products that are suitable for home use.
A harmonious line of cosmetics with a SPA effect. Health, care and relaxation are a combination that you will like.
Professional pedicure products (keratolytics) that are suitable for home use. As well as shampoos, glitters, care products for removing cuticles.
Body scrubs with natural ingredients. Gentle care and complex nutrition for delicate skin.
A wide range of shampoos and balms for all hair types. The products of this brand will help to keep your hair in excellent shape under any conditions.
A series of natural body scrubs with unique components.
Care products for cuticles. Gently and gently support your skin during the recovery period.

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