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Welcome to the GLOBAL CHEMICAL Company website. There is a 98% chance that you already know about us, but you are getting to know us for the first time. After all, if you are familiar with the concepts of “purity” and “quality”, then GLOBAL CHEMICAL products have already been or will soon be in your hands. We make sure that you have free time. Time for breakthrough discoveries, family dinners, spontaneous travel, additional yoga classes. You take care of the cleanliness in the house, giving preference to GC products. We made it a rule to follow the phrase “All cleanliness pleases the eye equally, every mess irritates in its own way.” Today we are a team of scientists, designers, marketers… and dreamers. We want to be useful not only with our products, but also with our experience. GLOBAL CHEMICAL. Let’s make it clean.


An effective remedy against bedbugs and cockroaches. Safe for home use.
A complex of cleaning products for coffee machines. Suitable for both home units and for use in coffee shops, bars and restaurants. The use of Cup means allows you to achieve the purest taste of the drink without side flavors.
A line of household chemicals focused on home use. The range includes washing powders, bleaches, stain removers, shampoos and hand washing gel.
Eco one
Household chemicals based on natural eco-friendly components. If you care not only about cleanliness in the house, but also about nature in general, Eco One is your right choice.

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