About company

Reference point 2010


The SM – Service company was founded. The first developments have been started, the first production line has been launched. We are gradually gaining positions in the market.

We are opening a new branch of production. Esther LLC was founded. We are starting production of products for the food industry and construction.



We are mastering work with the pulp and paper industry. In addition to customer requests for products, there is an internal request for highly qualified personnel and staff expansion.

We are opening an agrochemical direction. We are developing our own multi-stage production and quality control system adapted to our tasks.



The most important stage of the company’s formation. We are entering the household chemicals market and launching a retail direction. We are successfully overcoming a difficult period by retaining staff and increasing production capacity.

Global rebranding of the company in connection with the entry into the international level. The new name is “GLOBAL CHEMICAL” not only in the reports on deliveries to large enterprises, but also on marketplaces. We are launching our own line of cosmetic products.


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