Production and Warehouse

Our production facility is located in the city of Volzhskiy, Volgograd Region, Russia.
2 production
300 м3 of tank capacity
100 м3 of reactor capacity
>40 employees
The company’s production facilities make it produce a wide range of products for various industries. All processes are carried out using the state of the art special equipment and monitored at every stage of production.

Several independent production lines produce products of various forms: powder, suspensions, dispersions, emulsions and liquids.

Our company has implemented a lean manufacturing system.

SM-SERVICE aims to successfully compete in the global market, build trustful and, most importantly, long-term relationships with its partners around the world.у

SM-SERVICE has an extensive system of storage facilities with a total area of more than 2 000 м2. A convenient pallet racking system provides easy accessibility to raw materials and products.

Depending on the type and storage requirements, raw materials and products are stored in different storage facilities. For temperature-sensitive materials and products, a special warehouse with a controlled storage environment is provided with the temperature set between +5 до +25 оС.

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